Unique coffee mug only need to have this

Why the term unique coffee mug, isn't it just a cup to drink coffee? What is so special about a coffee mug?

The lowly coffee mug has graduated into becoming a very marketable item. There is a wave of customized mugs that have hit the market place.

Many gift mugs include humor such as a porcelain roach molded to the bottom of the mug which is only revealed when the coffee mug is nearly empty.

The greatest amusement can be derived, of course, from serving coffee to friends in one of these unique coffee mugs.


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They are usually available as gift mugs at most gift speciality stores. Most on the customized mugs have been moulded or decorated in a specific manner to perform a marketing function.

They are often handed out as corporate gifts. There are some very expensive and elegant corporate mugs out there which move in restricted circles.

As a coffee lover, the question that interests me the most is whether the coffee drinking experience is any worse or any better for having enjoyed coffee from one of these unique mugs.

The truth of the matter remains that unless the coffee is consumed more quickly that slowly the coffee will lose warmth and become cold and un-enjoyable.

All of these unique coffee cups do not have the ability to prolong the enjoyment of the coffee drinking experience for longer than a standard mug.

That is unless you have one of these thermal travel mugs. The thermal travel mugs feature a double insulated wall as well as a tight fitting lid which in combination are designed to keep the liquid stored in this unique coffee mug hot for a lot longer than the standard coffee mugs are able to.

It is true that these insulated coffee mugs are also being used for marketing purposes. However, they are by far not as numerous in circulation as the porcelain coffee mugs are even though the coffee drinking experience they provide is of a higher level of enjoyment that the standard coffee mug.

With out having any facts and figures at hand one must wonder how much water, coffee and power has been wasted in brewing the half and quarter cups and mugs of coffee that have been thrown away because they are cold.

It might well be a staggering amount. Lest we forget, the water, coffee and power also come with a price so that not only are valuable resources wasted but also money too.

This can be avoided if the thermal coffee mugs are used to preserve the heat of the coffee.


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