Turkish coffee pot major drawback

My guess is, turkish coffee pot would not be something that you are shopping for, but rather curious about. Anyway, these turkish pots are not that popular or easy to use, though the turks do know their coffee well.

Coffee is an experience a delight that is not restricted to the western hemisphere alone.

Fact is, that coffee was introduced to Europe through the Turkish invasion of Europe in the Middle Ages. Yet, in all likelihood, the way of making Turkish coffee has most probably not changed in five centuries of history.

To make good Turkish coffee you need a Turkish coffee set and a lot of time.


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The Turkish coffee set will consist of a Turkish coffee pot, called a cezve, and some Turkish coffee cups. The secret of making good Turkish coffee is twofold; the coffee grounds have to be ground very fine and the coffee needs to be boiled as slowly as possible.

That is why, when you buy an ibrik, a form of Turkish coffee pot, you will notice that it and the cezve have a long wooden handle.

This handle allows you to move the Turkish coffee pot closer to or away from the heat as you slowly boil the coffee.

Good Turkish coffee requires one cup of water for every cup of coffee required, as well as an additional one half cup to cater for the grounds that will be left behind.

The cold water, the fine coffee grounds and the sugar are all added and mixed before the heating process starts. Bringing the Turkish pot to the heat, you must be careful not to let the coffee boil to rapidly or most certainly not boils over. As the coffee slowly reaches boiling point a layer of foam will develop. After a short boil, the coffee is poured into the Turkish coffee cups to a third of their depth.

The Turkish coffee maker is returned to the heat until it boils and then more coffee is dispensed to the cups.

This process continues until all the coffee has been shared. It is wise to remember that there is not filter when making coffee using a Turkish coffee pot. There will e a residue in the bottom of the pot. It should stay there as well.

The coffee in the cups will need a little time to stand. The primary reason for this will be to enable the grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup.

The coffee should then be enjoyed in small sips. This is a coffee experience that is of no value to those in a rush. A drawback might be that the cezve should be sized to cater for the exact number of cups required.

This means one could end up purchasing more than one Turkish pot. Perhaps that is not to high a price to pay for a classic coffee experience.


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