Two Examples of Travel Coffee Makers

Travel coffee makers are starting to become hot commodities. The idea of being able to brew coffee and espresso anytime and anywhere is becoming more and more alluring in this day and age.

Thankfully, coffee maker manufacturers have started to take notice, and have introducing travel coffee makers for people-on-the-go and for those of us who simply want to be able to brew coffee and espresso anywhere.

This article features two noteworthy examples of these portable coffee makers or travel coffee makers, namely the Gaiam Handpresso and the Bodum Travel Press.

Gaiam Handpresso

The idea of portable espresso coffee machines that can generate sufficient amounts of pressure might seem impossible. However, the Gaiam Handpresso is a notable example of this concept. travel-coffee-makers-gaiam Simply put, the Gaiam Handpresso is a portable pod espresso maker that can generate up to 16 bars of pressure to make a good shot of espresso without the use of electricity. It does much more than most travel coffee makers!

It features a very innovative design. It makes use of standard espresso pods; therefore, there is no need to grind, tamp, and dose, which quite evidently makes it very simple to use and operate.

Simply pour enough hot water for a single shot of espresso, pump the machine to allow it to generate up to 16 bars of pressure, and watch as it forces the water through the espresso pod and fills up a small cup with hot espresso with an impressive amount of crema.

Since it does not make use of electricity, this handy device can be used anywhere – while camping, traveling, or simply when there’s a power outage at home.

Furthermore, since the Gaiam Handpresso makes use of espresso pods, it is very easy to clean. Simply discard the used espresso pod after brewing a shot of espresso and simply rinse it. There’s no need to disassemble while cleaning, making it more rigid and durable.

Unfortunately, the Gaiam Handpresso can be pricey for some at $80, considering that a moka pot can be bought at a lower price.

However, the Gaiam Handpresso can generate significantly more pressure than the moka pot, and it is a lot more compact and portable. The Gaiam Handpresso also comes with a convenient padded carrying case.


Bodum 16 Ounce Insulated Travel Coffee Press (with Rubber Grip)

While the press pot or French Press is one of the most compact of all the types of coffee makers, the Bodum 16 Ounce Insulated Travel Coffee Press with Rubber Grip is designed with the person-on-the-go in mind.

It is used just like a normal press pot, but it features a 3-part built-in filter system and a travel mug style lid that allow one to brew and drink pressed coffee from it directly.

In other words, the Bodum 16 Ounce Insulated Travel Press with Rubber Grip is a press pot and travel mug in one.

Its dual insulated walls allow coffee to stay hot for a longer period of time, and its Santoprene rubber grip makes it very easy to handle even when it is filled with scalding hot coffee. It fits most cup holders.

In addition, it can also be used for loose-leaf tea apart from brewing coffee. It is also dishwasher-safe, making it very simple to clean.

This travel coffee pot is priced very reasonably at $20.


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