The coffee Nations, it has to be about the coffee

The Coffee Nations as the name suggest is all about coffee. It runs counter to what we want to feature in unique cafe series about not talking about food and drinks.

But, because the coffee (the range) is so extensive, that alone is what make it unique. We do not review the quality of it, but talked about the range which we are sure, is something you would not find elsewhere.

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Why do you want to go to Coffee Nations?

Well, unless you have tried Trung Nguyen or Chinchulilla, then Coffee Nations would not be so unique.

This is because the whole reason for going to coffee nations is to check out their coffee. And one should have probably 2 or 3 to experience the different flavor and experience that the coffee would bring to you.

The Turkish coffee with its ibrik is pretty unique and is something you should check it out. Turkish coffee is different, might not be well received by everyone, but try it for a different experience.

In addition, this place is located in 17 Bali Lane, afternoon can be pretty quiet and serene. Up on the second level, it is the best time to sip a cuppa, and watch the world goes by.

The quaint setting would relaxes however rush and hype up feelings you would have.


What is the best time to go there?

It largely depends on what you are going to do there. If it is for a time for quiet contemplation. Then afternoon is the best time to check out the place.

If it is to catch up with friends and to yak about stuff, then anytime after dinner is great. That is the time when Bali Lane really comes alive!

So, is the coffee nations a unique enough cafe for you? Do you have something more interesting to share with us? Follow the link above and share it with us and our readers today!

We too, would share something with you as well...

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