Jura super automatic espresso machine is good?

What is super automatic espresso machine would be your first question if you want to assess if Jura is good. Basically, for espresso machines, the "retailing folks" have segment it into super automatic, semi and manual espresso machines.

And you tell one from another is basically by the functions and features that the machines have. Of course, super automatic espresso machine has the most functions and here we are going to explore Jura capresso and why it is a good buy.

I mentioned that all the super automatic comes with additional functions and there are a 2 functions that are consider "basic" for one to go into the rank of super automatic.

Firstly, these espresso machines must be able to grind whole beans and deposit the grounds into the brew group where it would be tamped. Then, super automatic also have a steam wand that can deliver both hot water and steam.


Then, there are other functions that are used to market these super automatic machines. Out of so many function, I find the filtered water (gives you better espresso), dual heating element, expansive grind setting and pre-set temperature to be a few functions that are good for a better cup of espresso.

Since we are highlighting the Jura Capresso S9 Avantgarde Espresso Machine, she comes with all these features and more. In fact, the reason why we list her as the best among the super automatic espresso machine is mainly due its water filtration system.

Filtered water other than improving the taste and flavor of your cuppa, also assist to lengthen the life span of your machine (something that is important as super automatic machines cost $2000 and more).

Jura Capresso S9 Avantgarde Espresso Machine not only has a filtration system but have one that will eliminate lead, chlorine, aluminum and copper, it is one of the few machines that comes with such a comprehensive filtration system.

Well, dual heating elements would not make a better cup of espresso but it gives you the espresso faster. On the average, Jura Capresso S9 Avantgarde Espresso Machine takes less than 45 seconds to heat up from brewing to steaming, simply because it does not need to let excess steam and water out of the steam wand having 2 thermabloc systems.

The pre-set temperature and expansive grind settings allows you to be lazy and capture the "right temperature" for your espresso (which is lower as a rule of thumb than drip) and more grind settings simply meant more intensity of coffee to try.

In short, what won me over is a better cup of coffee and Jura capresso super automatic espresso machine would be able to produce it because of their exceptional water filtration system...

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