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When you are looking for a coffee maker that will give you the quality of coffee you like, but it will not consume a lot of space on your kitchen counter, you should look for a spacesaver coffee maker.

These machine will allow you to make your coffee the same as you would, but allow you to save your counter space.

This coffee makers are fit under the cabinet, so you don't have to worry about reserving space for it. They are also more economical that you may think.

If you are trying to move up everything on your kitchen counter just to make room for a coffee maker, you should try this equipment like the Black and Decker SDC 740B Spacemaker 12-cup coffee maker, black, comes with a Perfect Pour glass carafe.

The water reservoir is removable and has an illuminated water-level indicator window. Has a convenient Brew-Pause function which allows for getting a cup of coffee while brewing.

It has a non-stick heating plate. Comes with a clock and timer and auto shut-off function. Most folks, when looking for Black and Decker coffee maker tend to call it spacesaver coffee maker, although it's real name is spacemaker coffee maker.

Spacemaker is good because it is hidden and of course the price is very affordable too. These coffee makers can help anyone who is short on cupboard space and has a small kitchen area but still be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh brewed coffee at home.

Easy to install under your kitchen cabinet which will save your space or your countertop and the cord can be hidden in the cord storage provided. You also have a save-a-plug outlet giving you extra outlet which could be used for plugging other kitchen gadgets.

Today, spacesaver coffee makers have more pleasing designs and features of all the things you would expect to find in any other regular traditional coffee maker.

And before you give up on ever being able to make coffee at home because you do not have the room to place the traditional coffee maker, buying a spacemaker coffee maker can allow you to enjoy all of your favorite kinds of coffee while still leaving a room on your counter for other items that you need to have. It saves you years and years of convenient space on your countertop! 

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