The most popular single serving coffee?

The introduction of the single serving coffee system most probably represents the most significant development in the coffee making world since the automation and mechanization of the coffee making process.

The single serve coffee pod represents a break through in the reduction of wastage as well as the celebration of the individual’s right to choose from a wide range of coffee experiences.

To attempt to determine the most popular of the single serving coffee brands is very difficult. It does not take much to get involved in a debate of the relative merits of the Tassimo vs. Keurig single serve systems.

Then there are the debates surrounding the types of coffee available through the single serve coffee systems. There are those who will swear by their coffee Senseo pods or the coffee Folgers devotees.


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The variety on offer by coffee Lavazza does not diminish the debate at all, rather it ads to it. It follows that trying to establish which single serve coffee system is the most popular is ultimately a subjective issue.

However, this need not necessarily be a bad thing. The issue here is popularity, not who is the best. One might want to infer the one from the other, but that would be secondary. Which is the most popular will be judged by entirely subjective criteria.

Popularity is defined by which is used the most. The Douwe Egberts coffee people are able to say that their Senseo range is very popular.


The Keurig system can make the same claims. The choice of the coffee lover will determine the popularity of the single serve coffee system. Herein lies the difficulty.

The single serve coffee system is designed o provide the individual coffee lover with the widest choice and range of coffee experiences possible.

Some of the better established coffee houses are able to place literally hundreds of choice coffee combinations on the market for coffee lovers to choose from.

As the popularity of one brand wanes in flavor of another brand so the shift in popularity will follow. Therefore establishing which is the most popular single serving coffee system will change and follow the trends.

At this stage Keurig is a market leader because of the wide range of coffee flavors and experiences it s able to package into its single serve coffee cartridge system and market effectively to the coffee loving public.

Whether this stays that way is in the hands of this company, the coffee lovers who support the brand as well as the opposition who have to find ways to respond.


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