Can any single cup coffee machine be lousy?

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What if the single cup coffee machine that I purchased cannot perform? That would be the likely question on anyone mind that is buying a single cup coffee maker right? The fear that it would not suit them.

I do not know what is the decision process you have gone through to arrive at the stage to purchase a single cup coffee maker, but I can assure you that if you are one that is looking for an easy to use and easy to maintain machine, then this coffee maker would not cause you too much grief.

The next question would be if you have bought the right single serve coffee maker, there being so many of them out there in the market. Now, this is a difficult question to answer, I would attempt to answer it, however, if you are still deciding you can read this before deciding.

There are all in four types of refills that you can use for your single cup coffee machine,all would provide you easy to brew and easy to maintain system, highlighted below is a further breakdown on what you would find with each system.


1. Coffee pods

This is the most usual format you would find with the single cup coffee brewers. The most popular one would be the senseo coffee machine from Sara Lee. usually these would be cheaper that the other format and currently people are turning to this machine for one reason.

That reason is the ability to customize your own coffee pods. using equipments such as coffee ducks and perfect pod maker,coffee lovers are able to use any type of coffee they like and make it into a coffee pods for brewing in their single cup coffee machine.

2. Capsule

I do know by the time you read this, how has the market evolved. But, at the time of writing, Nespresso with its capsule format is the most expensive in the market. It's main value add are very high quality coffee and very sleek presentation.

Every one of its flavor has its own story and its machines and capsules are all very nicely done up.

If you like to have your own coffee, then this might be the machine for you. The main drawback is these capsules only serves coffee. And they are meant more for supporters of nespresso or folks that are really into their coffee.

In short, it is good coffee but it has really limited option.

3. K cups

Currently one of the two more popular single cup coffee machine. The keurig k-cups housed all its technology within its k-cups and it is within these k-cups that they controlled the pressure and the temperature.

Comes with more than a hundred types of beverages to choose from and providing one with superb quality beverage based on its patented technology, this is a system that you would want to consider if you are looking for variety.

4. T disc

Together with k-cups, T disc that are using the Tassimo coffee maker system is the other "hot stuff" in the single cup coffee machine market. Similar to k-cups, the T disc has all its technology within the disc.

It goes one step further with its code reading brewing system. Each cup of beverage is brewed differently according to the conditions that each beverage requires when the tassimo coffee machine reads the code on the underside of the t-disc.

It also comes with big brands such as Starbucks coffee that offers coffee through the t disc. So, if you are someone that likes variety and maybe starbucks coffee, then this is the machine you should be going for.

There you have it folks, there is a single serve coffee machine that would cater to you, and even if you choose wrongly, you still get the promised ease of use and maintenance so how lousy can it get?


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