Can get a Senseo coffeemaker below $50?

It seems to be an impossible task. To obtain a top quality Senseo coffeemaker for less than fifty dollars.

Lets be honest; if you google Senseo coffee maker you will come up with a number of reviews and online shopping options all of which will sell the finest Senseo for anything but less than fifty dollars.

The lowest priced is the Senseo single serve coffeemaker. However, you need to be specific in your search.

The Senseo HD7832 retails for between one hundred and twenty nine and one hundred and eighty dollars, depending one which online store you look at.

This is of course provided that specific model has not been recalled for important safety reasons. The fact that Senseo has recalled approximately 155,000 Senseo coffeemakers of the HD7832 range shows how serious Senseo is about quality.


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However, the Senseo single serve Gourmet coffeemaker might be the one to look for. These will retail normally for anything between sixty and seventy dollars.

So where can you get a Senseo coffeemaker for less than fifty dollars? There are a number of online stores that appear to offer these Senseo coffee maker at these low prices.

However, the reputation of such stores is under review. A number of sites on the Internet will report disappointing experiences and service with some of these discount online stores.

In the United Kingdom there appears to be an online store called Bargain Brands UK though whom you are able to access a Senseo brewer which uses the Senseo pods for less than fifty dollars.

It appears that sometimes if the offer seems to be to good to be true it usually is too good to be true. So the distinct possibility exists that you will be able to source a Senseo machine for less than fifty dollars and actually get it.

Of course such suppliers will usually offer no recourse in case of dissatisfaction and will be reluctant for refund you.

These are all factors that have to be reviewed when deciding on whether to source a Senseo from an online source that has been criticized in the past for poor service.

Although the larger and better established online stores will charge you significantly more for the same Senseo coffeemaker, at least there is some form of guarantee that you will receive the item and that it will be of some reputable quality.


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