I bought this Saeco coffee machine because of its looks.

Buying saeco coffee machine just based on look -unimaginable? Sometimes one will pass an object, stop, come around and look again. The reason usually is the appearance of this object. It can be an attractive woman wore an elegantly designed or an appeal.

In this case it is a Saeco coffee machine. The Saeco Odea Go is appealing to the eye and invites one to try it out. Incredibly this coffee machine has been designed by one of the leading design studios in America.

It all contributes to an aesthetically pleasing product that complies with the high standards of every Saeco coffee maker.

Like many of the top Saeco espresso machines this espresso machine combines its own coffee beans. An innovation is a ceramic Saeco coffee grinder.


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This means that this Saeco coffee machine is able to take the “raw product” and grind it to perfection. These grounds are then used to make top class Saeco espresso. The espresso can be converted into a wide range of other coffee beverages through the use of the steam wand. What ever you choose to do with this Saeco coffee machine it is easily programmed through the use of the dial interface. With a simple twist of the dial you have access to a wide range of process is that this Saeco coffee machine can offer you.

This control system will also permit the user to determine the volume of beverage to be made. It follows that wastage should be kept to a minimum. You only need to go brew as much as you need.


Another feature that allows for the ease of use is the adjustable drip tray. Being able to adjust the drip trying to the correct height means that the chance of making a mess is minimal.

All these features have been designed to be part of an integrated whole. Together they make up a winning design concept.

The Saeco Odea Go is easy to operate and it is easy to maintain. The removable water tank means that refilling with water is easy and the chance of spilling water all over the kitchen counter is zero.

It also has a special drawer to accommodate the dregs. This means that after using your Saeco Odea Go machine it does not take long for it to be ready for service again.

Ultimately this appliance makes a style statement as it sits on your kitchen counter. The ceramic coffee grinder also means that the full bouquet and flavor of the roasted coffee bean will be released.


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