Choice of roasted coffee beans matters

Roasted coffee beans is just one of the so many things about coffee. There is just so much literature on coffee. Quite rightly so as coffee is one of the few reasons left why the planet should be saved.

A vast bulk of the literature deals with the difficult choices that coffee lovers have to make in terms of their preferred coffee machine.

Even more literature deals with the do’s and don’ts of making coffee. The last thing you want to do is convert gourmet coffee into an unpalatable brew.

After all the noble roasted coffee beans deserves to become a coffee lovers most lasting memory. There are so many variables that play a role in making this process come to a successful conclusion; the type of coffee machine, the type of filter the purity of the water and the coffee that is used.

This is the point where one might want to reflect on the product of the coffee roasting process which after all this the focus of the entire ritual.


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How much attention does one pay to the detail surrounding coffee roasting and roasted coffee beans? The degree to which the roaster roasts the coffee beans is fundamentally important in determining the most important taste attributes of the roasted coffee bean.

A long time in the coffee roaster, coffee bean will be dark and obviously the reverse applies as well. Dark roasted coffee beans have different taste to coffee beans that have had a light roast.

The difference is created by the time spent in the roaster or the number of times the roasting process has been repeated to achieve the preferred roasted bean.

Light roasts tend to leave a residual flavor of the environment in which the bean was cultivated whilst dark roasted have a profound effect on the chemical make up and thus flavor of the coffee bean.

Which ever roast you prefer it is a fundamental decision in terms of defining what constitutes good coffee. It follows that every serious coffee lover needs to get acquainted with the intricacies of coffee roasting so as to be able to confidently define the right type of coffee for them.

Do you want your coffee even fresher? Then do it at home! While roasting green coffee beans at home can be done. You need to be aware that roasting coffee beans at home will mean you will have some cleaning and airing to do afterwards.

The roasting produces smoke and the coffee beans shed their husks in the process. Experts also say that one needs to be aware of the requirement to move the beans away from the heat source speedily and cool the beans done fairly quickly as well to end the roasting process.

You would never expect the type of roasting to impact your coffee so much right? So, do take note of this, the next time you shop for coffee beans...


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