ReStore Cafe -you go there for the old things that look new!

ReStore Cafe, you would likely to miss it even if you are walking along Tanjong Pagar Road, where it is located.

This cafe looks more like a furniture shop then a cafe, and the fact is it's primary business is still to sell furniture!

ReStore Cafe as the name suggests is to restore old furniture to its former glory. So, these folks would trawl HDB garbage areas and places where karang Guni frequent to look for good and still useable furniture.

Once done, they would use their skills to refurbished it into a gleaming new furniture, where one can bring home to use.

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Why would you want to go there?

Interesting settings is one word that came to our mind. We have told cafe and coffee shop owners the importance of decking out your outlet with comfortable furnitures, but this shop goes to the extreme (they even hang some of their furnitures!).

The setting of this place is the first thing that attracts you, then there is the jazz (we are not sure if that is the genre of music that is played all the time, but jazz is good).

Coupled with the passion of the 2 owners about vintage furniture, you have a really nice place to hang.

Now, this is also one of the few shops that allows you to really buy anything in the shop.

The plus about that is the ability to re-create the cafe setting you like right in the comfort of your own house!

Nothing beats visiting the place on your own, so check out ReStore at 124 Tanjong Pagar Road, do note that it is closed on Monday.


When is a good time to go there?

Anytime is good! If you are not drinking coffee and enjoying the waffles, you can browse the vingtage furniture on display.

But as the term "quiet afternoon" suggests, going after 2 pm should provide you the full impact of a quaint, quiet afternoon.

And that is really the best time that ReStore communicate its atmosphere. Old furniture, slow afternoon works well to give one a sense of time slowing down.

To take it easy, check out this cafe on a afternoon. We never say much about food and coffee, it never was the intent of unique cafe series to focus on it. There is actually not much food to check out in this cafe, but the quality is there -especially the waffles, so do check it out.

If you enjoy reading unique cafes such as ReStore Cafe and have one or two unique ones to share, simply follow the link, share with us and we have "something" to share with you as well!:)

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