Get a professional coffee machine for your house!

Have you ever purchased the top of a range appliance like a professional coffee machine and spend a fortune purchasing it? Have you ever regretted spending so much money on this machine?

Probably not! Point being that when you purchase a professional machine for your home you get a level of service from the device which is better than the domestic versions which are cheaper.

The same concept applies to a professional coffee machine. The Lavazza Modo Mio coffee machine is a case in point. This is a single serve coffee machine that belongs in any good coffee bar. Having one in your home need not be classified as an extravagant expense.


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If for a moment we ignore the fact that the professional coffee machine is also good to look at, we should consider what type of service are we getting for our money.

This professional coffee brewer is also a gadget lovers dream. This coffee maker is packed with the latest coffee extraction technology. It is a pressure driven machine and therefore has a whole different sound and feel to it than the normal espresso machines.

It still makes a very fine espresso. This professional espresso machine allows you a range of features such as the ability to program the amount of coffee to be made into the cup.


There is also an electronic temperature control which will guarantee a hot cup of coffee at the exact temperature you prefer. If you are able to have perfect for time and time again within the comfort of your home, what is the reason for not getting a professional coffee maker for yourself?

It might be more expensive than the domestic versions. The products that it delivers will however justify the added expense. This particular coffee Lavazza machine is small and compact. It will find a place in even the most basic of kitchens.

This professional coffee machine is not restricted to making coffee or espresso. It has a steam are with which you can prepare a good cappuccino or latte.

The same feature can be used to add hot water to make a cup of tea or other hot water beverage as well. The perception that such a professional coffee machine is for the exclusive use of making coffee is incorrect.

Such a machine can be used to prepare a range of hot beverages. An added benefit is that the Saeco coffee cartridges will also fit into this professional coffee maker.

I could go on about how good these machines are, but really to me personally, it is worth the investment...


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