Organic coffee pod, better for you and me...

Organic coffee pod similar to all the organic food out in the market is better for health. The coffee are grown in the most natural way to to keep the coffee free from chemicals and this in turn benefits us, keeping us from any unnatural additives.

We are what we eat, so if we consumer too many unnatural things, i.e. chemicals and additives, it would stay with us and if it is not accepted by the body, over time it comes toxins. And as these toxins comes about from the the food we eat, the lesser the additives or foreign materials, the healthier it is for us.

While organic coffee pod comes about because of the single serve coffee market, organic coffee has been around for quite awhile.

The whole idea about organic coffee is to grow and process coffee the most natural way. They have to ensure that no fertilizers and pollutants are involved in the organic coffee process.


On the whole, it is also better for the environment. Knowing you drink from an organic coffee pod that creates an environment that is safe for the people growing it, is something great.

The organic coffee farmers do not uses any chemicals in their coffee growing, they simply cultivate the land and keep the nutrients in the soil.

They also tried to keep the environment as close to its original state as possible, in this manner allowing rare birds to continue living in their natural environment.

So, as the demand for the range and variety of coffee pods grows, people started asking for organic coffee, and lately many companies, i.e. Green Mountain has organic pods on their coffee retail list.

An example would be Wolfgang Puck coffee pods, one of coffee lovers' favorite organic coffee pod. Maybe is the medium roast coffee, although personally, I simply like it as I am biased towards Colombian blend.

As with all organic coffee, it is hand picked, grow using the all natural way and carries the fair trade certified logo.

With all the global warming issues going around us, I think by taking coffee the organic way, not only benefits us, but would better the environment in the long run...

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