OCM Marketing Package Terms and Conditions

Owner of OCM package here would be known as YOU, while oncoffeemakers.com would be known as WE

1. A dedicated Page for your coffee shop business

1.1. Content would be provided by YOU. The layout and design is rendered by the system and could not be change

1.2. YOU can submit up to 4 images of your shops, each not more than 100 kb.

1.3 YOU can name the title of the feedback and comment box subjected to the limitations of the characters

1.4 You can email us on any updates or new articles

1.5 We would approved all comments and feedback other than those touching on sensitive topics such as religion, race, adult topic and other undesirable topics

2. Conceptualization and design of your coupons, posters, wobbler, web banners etc.

2.1 You would submit your promotion ideas, i.e. 1 for 1 promotion, and we would conceptualized the coupons.

2.2. You would also need to submit your logo

2.3 The color, theme and words would follow closely to your promotion

2.4 There would be no changes to the design of the coupons, posters or web banners

3. Above the line experience

3.1 Your coupons would be used for one of our monthly contest

3.2. We would choose the most appropriate contest to showcase your coupons

3.3. Once a coupon is there, it would be there for a month and you would have to honor the promotion mechanic.

4. Video Production

4.1 You can submit up to 20 images less than 100 kb each and 2 videos of less than 20 seconds each.

4.2. To illustrate points and advantages of your coffee shops, do them in point forms and save it in power point format.

4.3. The video production would take on average 3 working days

4.4 You would be given a youtube link of the video, and it would also be embedded on your page.

5. We can even save you the hassle of printing!

5.1 You would send us the measurement required for your QR code stickers, otherwise we would use the standard 20mm X 20mm

5.2 We would print and send 4 X A3 size peel-able stickers to your address

5.3 The stickers would be scroll and half cut

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