Mr Coffee water filter -how important it is

Mr coffee water filter is a piece of equipment that would always be overlooked. We would not think of it much when it comes to brewing good coffee.

A basic truth about the quality of filtered coffee is that the coffee is ultimately only as good as the water and the grounds that you use.

The coffee lover has considerable control over the quality of the coffee grounds used. One can choose whole beans or ground coffee. One can even decide to purchase green beans and roast them oneself.

The quality of the water is, however, something different. Either one uses the water that comes out of the faucet or one uses bottled water purchased at a store. There is hardly more that one can do, or is there?


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When one talks about the quality of water one is in fact referring to the impurities present there in. The greater the number of impurities, the greater is the effect on the quality of the coffee.

If you use a Mr Coffee water filter you have taken a decided step towards improving the quality of your coffee.

When using the Mr Coffee water filter it is able to extract minerals and chemicals out of the water you use one so as to ensure that only the coffee grounds provide flavour.

There are many water filters on the market. Many of the coffee machine produces have coffee water filters built into their machines. The Braun water filter or Cuisinart water filters are designed to try and do the same told us that the Mr. Coffee water filter does.

Even the MRE water filters are designed for the same purpose. However when it comes to service after the sale, the Mr. Coffee replacement parts are easily available as are the water filter cartridges.

This all contributes to ensuring that the coffee experience is maximized. It would be a great pity if the money invested in an excellent espresso machine and good quality coffee was for nought because of contaminated water.

There is a saying that states that there are no guarantees in life. Whilst just the Mr. Coffee water filter on its own does not guarantee you the perfect cup of coffee, it can, together with a good espresso machine and good quality coffee, help create a coffee experience second to none.

So very often the quality of the water used in the making of espresso or filtered coffee is underestimated.

Now, through the use of the Mr. Coffee water filter, you have an influence on the quality of the water that is used to make your favorite coffee.


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