A Mr Coffee Iced tea maker complete guide, are you sure?

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Mr coffee iced tea maker is a must have in my country -sunny Singapore, where anything cold is a bliss. And iced tea maker, make it easier by allowing you to have the tea in a pitcher full of ice straight after the brew (of course, it is not that difficult, but in a fast moving society where every second counts, any time saves is money earned!)

A complete guide on Mr Coffee iced tea maker? Can I really make it into one single article? Well, thankfully, iced tea is not as complicated as coffee making or coffee makers, so maybe, just maybe I can get most information into this article -you tell me if it is enough.

The few things that I would cover in this article, using my favorite: Mr Coffee Iced tea maker as a benchmark:

1. How Iced Tea Maker works

All in, Iced Tea maker comprises of a brewing unit and a pitcher. The brewing unit house a steeping basket (this is very similar to coffee maker brewing basket) and you can put in either tea bags or loose tea leaves. While it acts like a brewing basket, this steeping basket can take in more things, even accommodating sugar and lemon, to excite your taste bud!

2. What to look for when buying one

There is really not much to look out for, when shopping for a Iced Tea Maker, so here, I think popularity plays an important role. Currently, the most popular one would be Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker.

Guess there is nothing really "different" about this Iced Tea Maker, but reviews on it has been very positive. It is durable, easy to use, performs adequately for its function.

And it even factors in the "maybe" function. For example, Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker TM50P comes with another pitcher. This allows you to cater to people with different taste profile. For example, you can maybe make 1 iced coffee and 1 iced tea or 1 sweetened iced tea, and 1 non-sweetened. A small touch but really one that better a gathering or party situation.

So, when it comes to shopping for an iced tea maker, look at how popular it is, and currently Mr Coffee rules in this factor...


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3. How to Clean an Iced Tea Maker

usually when an Iced Tea maker starts to produce funny taste, is a case of residue from water or tea/coffee that are left behind during the brewing process. In general, cleaning the internal reservoir would solve the problem.

To clean the internal reservoir, fill it up with 2 quart of solution. The solution would consist of 1 quart water and 1 quart vinegar. Run it through the reservoir and this problem would be solved.

4. Common Problem

It is difficult to think that an Iced Tea maker, has any problems as they are usually consumed relatively fast after they are brewed. And brewing being quite straight forward, this machine does not have much issues.

With my Mr Coffee Iced tea maker, the most common "complaint" that I have is the cloudy effect of my Iced Tea after taking it out from the fridge. And guess what, after "years" of observation, I have found the solution!

All you have to do after making the iced tea, is to let it cool for 15-20 minutes, then put it in the fridge, and your iced tea should be clear.

If you read until this portion, you would know that my assessment of iced tea maker borrows very heavily from Mr Coffee Iced tea Maker. But, for a good reason, many folks and that includes me have enjoyed using it for years so if you are going to get an iced tea maker, would you not want to get something that has been widely accepted?

Hmm...on whether if it is a complete guide to Mr Coffee Iced tea maker, I guess it would be personal perspective...:) (at least to me, it is!)


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