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Now, you would probably see more coffee makers in homes or offices, but that is not always the case. Good cCoffee makers used to be very big. A long time ago, coffee makers were only available in cafes because of their large, bulky size.

People who wanted to drink a fresh cup of coffee had to go to these cafes and restaurants to have their coffee fix. It was impossible to have a coffee machine in the common home kitchen.

Through the years, however, modern technology and innovation have caused the coffee machine to evolve dramatically. Now, coffee makers come in all forms and sizes.

Today, more coffee makers are producing small, compact, single serve coffee machines.

This is because single serve coffee makers offer one advantage that most regular coffee makers can’t – and this is the convenience it gives to its users.


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Single serve coffee machines are simple coffee makers that may not have a lot of features but still delivers the most basic function of giving you a fresh cup of coffee.

Its simplicity makes it easy to use since there are not a lot of buttons to press, so basically anyone can operate it.

Another advantage is that because these coffee makers are smaller, they take up less space so it can fit in the corner of your kitchen counter or even on your office desk.

These kinds of coffee makers are usually lightweight so they are compact and easy to take along anywhere. This means you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee when you go on short trips.

Because single serve coffee makers brew just the right amount of coffee, there’s practically no waste as you brew only how much you want to consume. In addition, single serve coffee makers are more affordable than most other coffee makers. It is for these reasons that the single serve coffee maker appeals to so many coffee drinkers, which would explain its soaring popularity among them.

ome even consider the single serve coffee machine as the best coffee maker. Thus, it’s no wonder why more and more coffee makers are joining the band wagon and making their own brand of personal coffee maker, even if they do not produce coffee pods.

The most common type of single serve coffee machine makes use of the coffee pod. An example is Philips’ Senseo coffee maker. Users have to make sure that they do not run out of coffee pods in order for this kind of coffee machine to work.

In total however, there are still more coffee makers that use the drip filter format, though. These filter coffee makers serve coffee in a single cup.

Most of them use a built in water filter so there is no need for the disposable paper filters. Brewing time is also fast. You can get a fresh cup of coffee in just under three to five minutes.

Don’t all these advantages want to make you trade in your bulky 'coffee machine for the much smaller single serve coffee makers? I would.


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