Michael Graves Design Coffee Maker that Works

Michael Graves design is of course done by the same named designer.

He is a famous designer and because he is "famous", we’ll go deeper to know more about him. So let’s start.

Michael Graves was born on July 9, 1934 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He has a childhood interest in painting and drawing that has remained with him all the way through his line of business in architecture.

He received his architectural training at the University of Cincinnati in a two-way program that permitted him to work in Carl A. Strauss and Associates architectural office while finishing his formal education.


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It was at this architectural office where he met an early guru, Ray Roush.

Upon receiving in 1958 his degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture, he goes through Harvard University graduate school of design.

In this university he received his master’s degree in architecture. And after graduation, he went to work for the designer and architect George Nelson. This is now where his venerable interest in furniture design was encouraged and developed.

Now, Michael Graves being a famous designer who designed lots of things including a hotel and resort in Singapore also design a coffee maker. michael-graves-design
It’s the Michael Graves coffee maker, an original Michael Graves design.

The Michael graves coffee maker has taken it one or two steps further with its unique and distinct features and qualities.

It is designed in such a way that has the ability of making the procedures in creating coffee a lot easier. You will discover that each sip of coffee has become tastier because of the very experience employing this coffee machine.

However, being a designer “Michael Grave architect”, people would think that his own designed coffee maker would be all style but no substance.

This is where the creation of Michael Graves design automatic drip coffee maker proves them wrong. In fact, this coffee machine not only looks very good but also the coffee brewed from it tastes very good too.

The Michael Graves design automatic drip coffee maker covers the whole thing you need in order for you to create that cup of coffee that you want for all time.

This piece of coffee machine is very stylish, fashionable and functional. It has a pause and serve feature that will prevent the user from spilling out their most valued drop of coffee from the machine.

It almost outshined most of the coffee maker brands including Delonghi coffee maker.

Michael Graves design automatic drip coffee maker is an example of how competitive it is in the world of coffee.

It is no longer enough that you have a coffee machine that works you also need something that has great look and feel like this Michael Graves’s design automatic drip coffee maker in order to attract consumers and compete effectively.

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