Two of My Favorite Melitta Coffee Makers

Melitta coffee makers can be consider to be unique even among so many other "branded" coffee machines.

Their primary focus is on coffee production, which provides them a more targeted and enthusiastic approach in manufacturing coffee solutions for coffee devotee.

With good coffee, they need to have good coffee machines, which lead them to produce exceptional coffee makers, gourmet coffee, coffee making accessories and coffee filters.

Instead of providing just coffee makers, Melitta creates electric and non-electric with very distinctive solutions, such as the single-serve pod machines that is guaranteed to make the first-rate brew you wish for.


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Two of my favorite Melitta coffee makers are the 10 cup mill and brew automatic coffee maker by melitta and the melitta ME2TMB take 2 travel mug coffee maker.

The melitta 10 cup mill and brew automatic coffee maker is a great choice when it comes to coffee makers because it produces coffee in its powerful flavor that can jolt the sleepy nerves and has a powerful output of 1,025 watts.

Most coffee lovers know that you cannot beat freshly grind coffee in terms of taste, and this is what you would get with this melitta brewer.

With melitta 10 cup mill and brew automatic coffee maker, the coffee making procedure can be initiated without setting the timer. Beans to cups coffee is the freshest and is one reason for the popularity for this coffee maker.

The melitta ME2TMB take 2 travel mug coffee maker on the other hand, brews straight into one mug or more travel mugs and has a two 14 ounce stainless brace travel mugs with rubber grip that suit most normal auto cup holders.

An added feature of this coffee machine is it automatically shut off after brewing and filter liner is removable; water window and twofold spout detaches for undemanding cleaning.

In summary, convenience is an important trait for a coffee brewer, and these two melitta coffee makers have that and more to make them popular choices among consumers.


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