What you can get for this S$68 deal

1. Flavia Coffee machine, delivery, handling and installation worth $1500.00 (Free on Loan for one month)

2. 120 cups of beverages from Alterra Coffee & Bright Teas.

A package worth $1592.00 is only S$68, courtesy of Manfield Technology Pte Ltd.

Terms and conditions

1. This office coffee machine is supplied to company with 25 employees and above, in Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place area.

2. The free coffee is valid for one month. During the trial, for order of more filter packs, the normal price will apply.

3. The company can opt for a rental contract (free on loan) or a purchase contract (buying the machine) after the trial.

4. The offer is valid only while stock last

5. This offer is based on a first come first served basis.

6. The company also provides free maintenance (subjected to the maintenance terms and conditions)

7. Companies who do not wish to continue with rental or purchase of coffee machine, would need to return the coffee machine after their one month trial.

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