Low acid coffee from cold brew coffee

Low acid coffee are for people that loves coffee but due to some reasons cannot have too much of it. Coffee lovers the world over are all aware of the unpleasant side effects of having too much coffee that has a too high acid content.

One can taste the high acid content in the bitterness of the coffee and one can also feel its effect on the digestive system.

Many coffee lovers will suffer regularly form heartburn from having too much coffee that has a too high acid content. The high acid content of coffee comes essentially from exposing the coffee to too much heat.

Even the most exclusive of gourmet coffees will become acidic if left for too long on, e.g. the warming plate of a coffee make.


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It is irrelevant whether you are using organic coffee or a generic wholesale brand of coffee, if exposed for too long to too much heat they all will develop that characteristic acidic taste and bitterness.

What can one do about it? Low acid coffee can be obtained in one of two ways; either by purchasing the low acidity coffee brands that are marketed by companies such as Hevla coffee or by making your own low acidity coffee from grounds made from the whole bean coffee you purchased at your favourite grocer.

The likelihood of acid free coffee is very remote, but making your own low acidity coffee is far simpler than what one may think. By using the cold brew coffee making method, normal coffee grounds can be converted into a low acid coffee extract that is still full of flavour and aroma.

Add to that the fact that the cold brew coffee making method is easy and simple which means that there is no reason why it cannot be done by you at home.

You can invest in a cold brew coffee maker and use it, together with your favourite coffee grounds and cold water to make a coffee extract that can form the foundation of any of your favourite coffee based beverages.

The cold brew coffee extract can be stored in any refrigerator for up to fourteen days which means that the chances of coffee going to waste are reduced to a minimum.

You decant what you want to use and put the rest back into the refrigerator. The extract can be diluted with hot water to make a great coffee or cold water can be added and then the coffee is heated in the microwave.

Making iced coffee is obviously as easy as it has never been before. All the time the coffee being enjoyed is a low acid coffee which is good for your health.


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