KT 4065 thermal programmable coffeemaker has more negative than positive comments -so why are we recommending it?

Sure, KT 4065 thermal programmable coffeemaker (for those in the know) has a slew of negative comments but there is almost one common factor that is not raised -quality of coffee.

The comments mostly center on the design of the carafe and how it either result in spillage or frustration as one try to use it to top up the reservoir.

But before all these, who are we to decide what is good for you?

How do we decide if "this" is better than "that"?

Question on your mind might be what makes a KT4065 better than a XP2070? It doesn't. What is important is your profile and lifestyle.

The fact is, one person might be suitable for a few coffee machines, but he would choose one that is closest to his or her lifestyle (and it might not necessarily be one that is his favorite!).

All in, there are only 4 factors to consider -the price, the usage, the size and the brand. Every individual award different points to each factor and every coffee machine scores differently in each area.

To learn more about each factor, check out this finding best coffee maker page.

Information about the KT 4065 thermal programmable coffeemaker

If you have not read about any of the negative reviews, this is a pretty decent coffeemaker. It is programmable, looks good in your kitchen, a water filtration system and a drip free spout.

And the last variable drip free spout is the reason for so much grouses against this model. Because it regulates the flow of your coffee (slow), it takes ages to top up the reservoir and you cannot pour faster without spilling.

This was meant to prevent spillage so it is designed to do the job, and it did it well. Guess the designer did not factor that most people have to rush to work!:)

But, the brew remains to be high quality, so our advice is be prepared for this problem if you really want to buy this model.

Our review on KT 4065 thermal programmable coffeemaker


OKay. At slightly about hundred dollars for a programmable coffeemaker with thermal carafe, it is reasonable.

We believe this should fall within the range of budget for folks looking to buy a programmable brewer.


Some issue with the water and the serving, otherwise being a programmable, it is pretty easy to use.


Slightly smaller than 12 or 14 cups, should be the size that one have expected for a programmable coffeemaker


Not a very a popular coffeemaker

We think this is still a good coffeemaker to invest in, but the problem of a slow pour is real. So, do read more before investing in this coffeemaker.

Otherwise, check out other models...


Another few places to get more information

For some of you, this would be enough information to make that purchase, for many, you would still need to know more if this is indeed the machine for you.

A good place to learn is to hear reviews from users of KT4065 and no other place has this wealth of information better than amazon. Follow the link and read more about the comments from users.

On our site, we also have other krups articles that are pretty similar to KT 4065 Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker, you can check it out and compare.

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