You buy Krups KP500950 Circolo Coffee Machine because of this, and you SHOULD.

Krups KP500950 circolo coffee machine cost more than the Piccolo but less than KP21050 Dolce Gusto, so why buy this single serve coffee maker?

The functions, features right down to the coffee used are all similar, so why pay this amount for this machine? It is because of the look and feel.

How do we decide if this machine is good?

We don't. We allow people such as yourself to tell us if this coffee maker is worth the purchase. So, we do away with all the technical jargon or the coffee terminology.

What we uses are benchmark such as if it is easy to use, if the price is within your budget, if it can fit into your kitchen and of course, it is a trustworthy brand.

To learn more about our evaluation metric for good coffee machine, check out this link.

Basic Information about Krups KP500950 Circolo Coffee Machine

This is by far one of the best looking coffee maker around. And it should be, winning the International Forum Design and also the Red Dot Design award.

Capability wise, it is similar to Krups range of single serve coffee maker. Able to brew under a minute, good pressure for froth and crema.

Easy to use and fuss free in cleaning. A very typical single serve coffee maker.

Additional value add, includes energy savings and cup size adjustment.

But seriously, one would buy this machine just because it looks good in their house!

Here is how we evaluate this coffee machine

It is easy to use (Phew factor)

It is a single serve, it is hard to find easier to use coffee making solution. So, yes, it is easy to use.

It is affordable (Price factor)

This is not the cheapest single serve around, but you are paying for the numerous design award that it has won. And it look good in your kitchen, so it is value for money.

Is the size okay (Plot factor)

Single serve coffee maker never has an issue with fitting into any kitchen, it is small enough.

It is Popular (Popularity factor)

It came from two very reputable companies, won numerous awards. So, yes, it is a popular machine.


That is how we rate this machine, to ensure that you are investing in a machine that you would like, do check out futher comments and reviews that users has for this Circolo Coffee Machine, Titanium.

And to read about other articles and reviews similar to this krups kp500950 circolo coffee machine, do check out the link and visit our krups homepage.


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