Krups KP1009 piccolo coffee machine is a coffeemaker worth considering

Why would we say that krups KP1009 piccolo coffee machine is a coffee maker that you should consider?

This is because when we evaluate it based on the 4 Ps used to find best coffee maker, it meets most of them!

How we evaluate using the best coffee maker metrics

We evaluate and decide which are the better coffee machine based on how a consumer would view and think about their purchases.

Consumers would usually think about Price, ease of use (Phew), whether it can fit into their counter top (Plot), and of course if it is a popular brand.

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Basic Information about Krups KP1009 Piccolo Coffee machine

This is a single serve coffee maker that is powered by 1500 watts (which would gives you very fast heating).

Single serve means fuss free in using and cleaning. It uses Nespresso capsules, so quality is ensure.

And measuring just 8 by 6 by 11 inches, it is one of the smallest machine in the market.

Why we say that this is a machine worth considering?


At less than $100 per machine before discounts, this is one of the lowest priced single serve coffee maker around. In fact, this machine is also priced lower than its other Nespresso cousins!


This is a single serve coffee maker, fuss free!


Joint venture between two of the most popular companies, Nespresso and Krups. The former is a company that has been serving millions of quality coffee, the latter has produced countless of quality machines.


One of the smallest machine that you can find in the market.

Regardless what we say about this machine, it is our metrics. Do learn and know more about the KP1009, check out the link. Equipped yourself with more information before making any purchase.

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