Why KM1000 Stainless Steel Coffeemaker Krups is about Passion, Precision and Perfection?

KM1000 stainless steel coffeemaker from krups, okay another quality product from krups? But, seriously it is good.

The thing about this coffee machine is it even take care of the small little details (more on it later.)

Who do we think we are to evaluate coffee maker!

Consumers. That is who we think we are and an important perspective when it comes to evaluating coffee machine.

What is the point of having the best cup of coffee when the price is so high or the usage is so complicated right?

Thus, we take on the perspective that we are YOU the consumer and evaluate each coffee maker according to the price, the ease of use, the footprint and the brand itself.

For more information on how we compare the coffee machines, check out this link.

Basic information about Krups KM1000 stainless steel coffeemaker

Probably a tradition of Krups, but all their machine looks good. KM1000 is no exception, it looks good with its stainless steel body.

It comes with all the usual programmable features such as the easy programming, the digital clock etc.

What we really like about this model is its attention to details. The water reservoir with its easy to see water level gauge is a good enhancement.

Our Evaluation on KM1000


At less than $50 for a programmable coffee maker, the price is reasonable. And with such an attracive outlook, it is really a steal.


It was designed to be easy to use, one button operation. So, using it is no issue, the issue is really about cleaning it.

Folks that are averse to cleaning coffee makers only solution is to go for the ultra easy to clean single serve. Otherwise, this machine is super easy to use!


A popular brand and a widely accepted model -need we say more?


This is a 10 cup, so should be better than the usual 12 or 14 cups in terms of footprint.

But for folks really looking forward to small footprint, do consider the single serve.


Do your due diligence

This is our view and comments, coffee machine is a "big investment", because it can make or break your day.

So, read more about what others are saying especially the users of KM1000 before making your decision (this link takes you to amazon page where users make comments on this machine).

To read more about other krups in article similar to this km1000 stainless steel coffeemaker, check out this link to our krups homepage.


Your views and comments on Krups KM1000

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