Why No K Cup Brewer in Your Country?

If you do not know what is a k cup brewer, it is likely that your country do not have one.

Keurig Company noticed that most coffee lovers prefer to have a cup of coffee that is fresh and flavorful.

They have noticed that these coffee lovers deserve to have a new technology that will satisfy their urge.

Therefore, invention of Keurig single cup coffee brewers like K cup brewer come into play.

The company took those ideas and developed these kinds of machines for both office and home use. The mess and guesswork of roasting and grinding the coffee beans, putting the grounds into the filters and then filters to percolators have evolved. k-cup-brewer
So, in year 1998 single brewing coffee maker were introduced in the market.

When talking about Keurig and its K cup brewer, there will come a time that you come to think of US and Japan.

Why? This is because Keurig is very popular in this two country. You’ll see that products of Keurig are most liked by customers in these places.

However, Keurig coffee makers are not everywhere. This is because people in other countries prefer to use other brands of coffee machine instead of the Keurig.

One reason why Keurig K cups are not popular and known in your country is because there is no critical mass.

Of course, if people in a certain country do not love or don’t have the habit of drinking coffee then they don’t need to have coffee makers.

So, for Keurig to enter one’s place market there must be enough coffee drinkers to support.

One good example of those countries is in China. People who lived in China do not drink coffee but tea. With this reason, Keurig will find it hard to penetrate the market.

Another is high competition. When there are many strong competitor, Keurig might find difficulty to break into the market. This is because people are now accustomed on other brands instead of Keurig.

In Singapore, Nespresso has a very strong position in this place so Keurig K cup brewer will find that it is not easy to enter the market.

People in this country are now familiar with Nespresso and they won’t bother using other brands because Nespresso are now tested.

Lastly, there is no distribution point.

If no local company wants to distribute your product, you would not find it easy to enter the market. Moreover, when you are new and unknown locally, it is not easy to enter one’s place market.

With these reasons, you should ave an idea why some coffee maker products such as Keurig K cups are not available in your country.

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