Is JavaPods A Good Place To Shop?

There are lots of coffee stores that you can find online. Each of these stores or shops has something to offer to every customer who purchase in their shop.

They also have variety of products to offer. One f the best online gourmet coffee shop site you can find is Javapods (Javapodz).

JavaPods or JavaPodz is the main product line of Compact Café Inc. this business is a family owned business and it was founded and established in the month of April year 2003.

The order processing facility and warehouse of this company is located in Grandview, South Kansas City.

People like to shop in this online store because of so many reasons. Reasons that you will surely like if you are still not familiar with the site and if you do not experienced buying on them.

The coffee pod that they sell is of high quality. You can assure that it maintain its freshness because of their packaging.

The pod is wrapped in an airtight foil covering with 99% nitrogen and flavor-robbing oxygen. The pod also has a natural preservation quality so it is still fresh for about 12-18 months.

The size of their pods also has a dimension of around 60mm in diameter. Their coffee pods weigh approximately 10 grams and their tea pods weigh around 7 grams.

Their pods go along with the right dimension and weight of a good coffee.

Moreover, people love to shop on JavaPods because of the aroma that their coffee has. Their coffee has a good aroma before and after brewing.

Even when you open the coffee pad wrapper, you can already smell the aroma of the coffee.

Their coffee is also 100% Arabica. Their coffee contains no carbohydrates, no sugar, and a nutritionally irrelevant amount of calorie.

In addition, their coffee is 100% pure coffee and it has no blend. Unlike the other coffee shops, their coffee contains 10% of excellent coffee and they blend it with 90% of coffee that is low quality.

Another added value of JavaPods why they like their coffee is that their coffee is environmentally friendly. The used pods are biodegradable. You can use them as a fertilizer for your plants.

People love to shop in this site not just because their coffee pods have many varieties. You can have an option what kind of coffee pods you can choose from.

You can choose from flavored to unflavored, decaffeinated flavored to decaffeinated unflavored coffee. You also have varieties of tea pods to choose from.

JavaPods online shop is one of the best site here you can purchase your coffee pods because you can guarantee that the coffee you buy on them is of high quality. The money you spend on their coffee pods is all worth it.

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