Are these italian coffee makers really better than other countries machines?

Why Italian coffee makers, does Italian really brews better coffee?Think Italy and the word conjures images that go beyond recreating places of interest in the mind’s eye.

Italy creates visions of magic and myths. Cars adorned with the prancing horse, clothes designed with the eternal elegance of the women as a muse and dishes piled with steaming pasta; these are the myths and the magic that is Italy.

Do Italian coffee makers fit into this picture? Can espresso be part of this image? I most certainly think so. However, it must be decent, pure and proper espresso.

It follows that decent, pure and proper espresso cannot be made with any old espresso coffee maker. No this has to be decent Italian coffee maker, something like a Gaggia coffee espresso machine (that is from Italy of course)


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Is the type and brand of espresso coffee maker really that important? Won’t just any old coffee machine do? Statements like that can only be made by “espresso barbarians.” Dollar for dollar, the Gaggia espresso machine compares very favorably with a whole range of other coffee machine, some of which churn out a poor excuse for what might be called coffee espresso.

Some concerns might be raised regarding one or design elements of the Gaggia such as certain plastic housing elements. However, characteristics such as value for money, the ease of operation and the Gaggia reputation and name more than compensate for minor design questions. This merely reinforces the belief that proper espresso can only be made by Italian coffee makers.

Are the “other” coffee machines from non-Italian countries really that much weaker? If one reads reviews of machines such as the Mr. Coffee espresso machine one might be forgiven for blushing.


One review in particular launches in to a debate as to whether this particular machine qualifies as an espresso machine in the first place given the fact that it’s percolating mechanism is not one which extracts the best out of the grinds.

Rather it suggested that this machine scalds the grinds and the resultant brew is bitter and unpalatable. Even if this brand of espresso coffee machine is firmly established in the American market, it still cannot really compete with true Italian coffee machines.

Of course it goes without saying that not all espresso coffee makers suffer from the tarnished reputation that a Mr. Coffee espresso machine might suffer from. There are some passionate supporters of makes such as Bunn and their reviews are passionate arguments in support of their beloved brands.

Nevertheless, there is something about Italian coffee machines that makes them stand out from many others. If one reflects on the leading brands of coffee machines, there are a substantial number of them that have their roots in Italy. It is no wonder, therefore, that Italian coffee makers are as much an integral part of the mystique of Italy as are the cars adorned with...


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