Hot top coffee roaster is always hot...

Hot top coffee roaster value should not be gauge by the price that it is retailing. Sure, at an average of US$ 500, this coffee roaster seen a tad too expensive for normal household usage.

But, if you are cultivating drinking coffee as a hobby, and sees roasting as a step in getting better coffee, then hot top coffee roaster is a must buy.

Firstly, this coffee roaster 8 programmable stages and its' ability to store 9 profiles gives hot top a learning ability. Here is how it goes, as the roasting starts, you input a certain temperature and time.

As the beans roast and crack, you can adjust the time and temperature accordingly. Then, you can note the time and temperature to be store inside the profile. For example if it is Fully City roast you have key in, just a press of button would produces the fully city roast the next time you roast.

Maybe because it is a drum roaster, the hot top are able to produce roast that can rival commercial quality. The drum format also produces lesser noise, and a quieter roast is an important element for home usage (nobody wants to wake the whole family with coffee roasting!).

Now, the next point is something that many folks have noticed and one that really make this hot top coffee roaster's purchase, value for money.

In roasting, we know that other than the correct temperature, consistent temperature is essential. Inconsistent temperature not only make it difficult to achieve the roast, it also taint the roasting process.


Sure, you might be able to achieve the roast temperature, but the processing temperature with the dips or hike would produce roast that is uneven and inconsistent.

Perhaps, it is because hot top roaster does not draw air from the environment, so the air temperature inside is exactly as what was set. Regardless, if it is winter or middle of summer, with the hot top, the "hot" is always what you want.

And if you are purchasing a roaster, consistency is something that you appreciate as this allows you to program the various roast with confidence.

Knowing that the hot top coffee roaster would deliver the same quality every time, allows you to experiment and delve deeper into the art of coffee roasting, cultivating a fuller experience of coffee enjoyment...

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