What has the History of the Coffee Maker Got to do with the Best Coffee Maker of Today?

The History of the Coffee Maker – The First Drip Coffee Maker

The world’s first drip coffee maker appeared in France more than 120 years ago. Known as the “Biggin”, it was a pot that consisted of two tiers, an upper chamber and a lower chamber.

The upper chamber is a rudimentary brewing chamber, where the coffee grounds are placed. Hot water would be poured into the upper chamber, where it would interact and extract the oils and essences of the grounds, and it would eventually seep through holes in the bottom of the upper chamber and flow into the lower chamber.

The “Biggin” was a fairly simple device, but it paved the foundation for the development of the more advanced and modern coffee makers that we see and use today.

However, the “Biggin” still lacked a key component, which all drip coffee makers use today - the coffee filter.


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The History of the Coffee Maker – The First Coffee Filter

In 1908, Melitta Bentz invented the first paper filter. During those days, brewed coffee usually tasted bitter since it was common for the coffee grounds to find its way into the cup.

She thought that if she could find a way to filter out the coffee grounds during the brewing process, coffee wouldn’t be as bitter and it would taste so much better. After testing out different materials for her filter, she finally found that her son’s blotter paper, which he used in school, worked best.

She realized that her paper filter not just prevented the coffee grounds from finding its way into the cup, but also greatly improved the coffee extraction process.

Her paper filter greatly reduced the likelihood of over-extraction; since with it, she could use coffee that was ground into a finer consistency.

So what has the History of the Coffee Maker got to do with the Best Coffee Makers of Today?

Without the “Biggin” and the paper filter, the drip coffee makers of today wouldn’t exist.

Although the modern coffee maker is more automated, it still makes use of the same basic principle of coffee extraction that was introduced by the first drip coffee maker all those years ago. And with the coffee filter, maximum coffee extraction can be achieved consistently.

Therefore, whether you’re using a DeLonghi coffee maker, a Keurig coffee maker, a Braun coffee maker, or a coffee machine that is touted as one of the best coffee makers of today, it still owes its existence to these two simple inventions of yesterday.


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