Should I Even Consider Green Coffee Beans?

Coffee is a great beverage that keeps us alert and awake all day long. But did you know that coffee not exist in nature in the form that we regularly purchase it.

Actually, coffee is prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant and these seeds are generally named as green coffee beans even if they are not exactly beans, they are more look like berry.

The green coffee beans that are harvested in the coffee fields are disposed to areas where they are first roasted, and then ground, and of course delicately crushed to create coffee powder.

Basically, there are different coffees from around the world. In fact, the coffee from around the world possess it own extraordinary flavors.


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The type of weather, growing conditions and the mode the beans are roasted hold opposing views from country to country and that all makes for a dissimilar tasting coffee. Some of these are coffee from Brazil, America, Ethiopia and Hawaii.

When we talk about the biggest coffee producing country in the world, Brazil holds that title. Brazil makes some of the world famous coffee and it is no surprise. green-coffee-beans
The Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee is very great in taste and is a super blend. It is sweet-smelling and has a high-quality balance of bitter acid and a dark body.

There is also great coffee Ethiopia, Hawaii and Panama. The coffee from Ethiopia well thought as the origin of coffee and known for a very well brew.

One such coffee from Ethiopia is the Coffee Klatch from Yirgacheffe. These are prepared from dry roasted beans that are developed in very sunny areas.

While Hawaii is the only State in the United States to manufacture coffee, this island will create a smooth and jam-packed flavored blend with good balance. The majority of coffee in Hawaii is recognized for being a preferred to drink straight.

Aside from that we also have Arabica and Robusta green coffee beans that are well recognized for having a strong and flavorful taste.

Arabica Coffee Beans make up 70% of the world's coffee supply and Robusta's have a stong and bitter taste, but in turn have superior, roughly double, caffeine content than Arabica's.

It is more interesting to buy your own green coffee beans, mix and match the flavor and taste that you want to achieve.

Of course, if you buy in bigger amount which is possible from wholesale coffee distributors or retailers.

The good thing from buying green coffee beans is it can last for years if stored properly and you can even blend your own roast to what preparation you like.

However, the only drawback about is you need to buy a home coffee roaster which is reasonable and not that difficult to use.

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