Green coffee bean still enjoys good sales, why is that so?

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We know buying green coffee bean is a long and tedious process to making a cup of coffee. From there, you have to roast the beans, then grind the roasted beans, then subsequently brew your coffee in some coffee makers.

Despite the fact that you have to do everything to just brew a simple cup of coffee, there are folks out there buying the green coffee bean, why is that so?


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One word sums it all up -freshness. Buying pre-roasted beans, no matter how good is the containers, there would be slippage and it is just not as fresh as roasted, ground and brew coffee.

Roasted beans stay fresh for a week, after grinding it stays fresh for a few hours and brew coffee is fresh for only a few minutes. That is the "freshness guideline" for coffee.

Green coffee beans however, would stay in its exact form for a few years. So, if there is a good deal and storage is no issue, sometimes buying them not only gives you better coffee, it might even bring you some cost savings.


Moreover, have you ever thought of having a blend that is truly just about your taste profile. No matter how coffee company blend your coffee, it is commercial, it might not totally suit your taste.

But, choosing a mix of few types of coffee, then mixing it yourself, might truly give you one a taste of what they want. The bottomline remains that you would get the freshness that no container or no sealing would be able to bring for you.

Would I recommend it to everybody, of course not. Just like there are so many different taste profile, the lifestyle of one person differs from another.

At one point in time, I always think that busy folks have no time to do their own grinding, even roasting. I was wrong. It is an affinity that one has with coffee, if one is so passionate about good coffee, there is always time.

So, only buy green coffee beans if you want to know more about coffee brewing and to get the maximum freshness in a cup of coffee. But, do know that the time spend would be considerably more...


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