Gourmet coffee beans is just a marketing gimmick

Why would I think that gourmet coffee beans is marketing ploy? The same thoughts that I have often wondered whether the gas you buy from the gas station is really different depending on which brand of gas you put into the tank of your car.

Surely if all the gas comes from the same crude oil the differences between the different gas brands cannot be that significant. Are the products of one gas company so much different and better than the products of another gas company?

The same principle could apply to a whole range of other products. Is there really a difference between the different brands of coffee on the market? If one coffee bean is the same as another coffee bean are there any significant differences between the different gourmet coffee bean brands?

There are a number of things that should not be taken lightly. One favorite brand of coffee is one of these things. If you really want to set the cat amongst the pigeons then you need to start comparing the relative strengths and weaknesses of coffee brands such as Starbucks and Illy.


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Is there really a significant difference between Illy coffee beans and Starbucks coffee beans? What about the wholesale coffee beans you can buy at the local supermarket?

To different individuals, all of these will qualify as gourmet coffee beans to their respective supporters.

It is a very individual thing. If you are a fan of Illy coffee beans and regard these as gourmet coffee, there is, in essence, nothing wrong with that.


By the same token if you are a fan of another brand of flavored coffee, then that is fine too. Ultimately some will ask whether the marketing of the different brands of gourmet coffee beans is not a simple marketing trick to pit one coffee lover against another coffee lover.

Surely roasted coffee is roasted coffee, especially if it all started with the same genus of wholesale green coffee bean?

It would be a great pity if the coffee roasting institutions would pit us gourmet coffee bean lovers against each other merely in the interest of the profits to be made through roasted coffee.

Personally, while there might be some slight difference in the genre of coffee beans and the blend which they are roasted, the "premium-ness", the ratings are all marketing facade from the different companies.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just like you supporting your favorite football club, what is wrong with being loyal to your favorite brand of coffee bean? It is part of that coffee drinking experience...


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