Gevalia free coffee maker might be your best coffee machine!

This gevalia free coffee maker comes about because of the many questions on how to get a low cost coffee maker. So, here you go -a free gevalia coffee maker, isn't that better?

To some, where cost is a concern, this gevalia free coffee maker would be your best coffee maker, I would not go into the specifications of the gevalia coffee maker although I must say that it is a good for something that comes free...

If you are skeptical about how it can be free, you are right, this gevalia free coffee machine does comes with a catch. First, you need to be gevalia members to enjoy this benefit and then you need to purchase coffee to get the free machine.

The initial cost for the coffee is $22.95 and you would be send 2.5 pounds of coffee (including shipping). Then, every 2 months, you would receive the same amount of coffee. The thing is you can opt to cancel the delivery after the very first shipment.


This means that if you are really not into gevalia blend of coffee, you would get the free 12 cup programmable stainless steel coffee maker just for $22.95 worth of coffee!

Of course, even if you continue to order their coffee, it is still a good deal as you need to purchase coffee anyway right? And Gevalia blend of coffee boast wide variety and good roasting.

If you are thinking that this is a good deal, that is not all! For that initial order that you placed, you would not only received a gevalia free coffee maker, it would also come with a stainless steel thermal carafe and a travel mug. In short, with $22.95 worth of coffee, you get coffee maker, thermal carafe and even a coffee mug.

To entice you in staying with gevalia as their members, they would send you free coffee samples, and you get to enjoy 10% off most of their products. They make it difficult to switch to another coffee suppliers by giving you plenty of rewards and perks.

So, if you are looking for low cost coffee maker, nothing can get lower than free right? Other than that, with the discounts given for most of gevalia coffee, the cost for the coffee is also controlled. Looking at it from the cost perspective, gevalia would be my recommendation as the best coffee maker...

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