Getting fresh coffee from a coffee maker easily, i.e. no thick instruction manual...

Fresh coffee is definitely what you are looking for, if not, you would not be on this page right? So, you want to know how to make a good cup of fresh cuppa, and understand the secret behind the making.

If I would do go into the steps 1-87 on how to make a great cup of coffee, I am sure you would look for other solutions. The thing you want , would probably be the same that I was looking for a few years ago, making a fresh coffee without looking at thick manuals or having to go through a baristas course.

Let's say if you asked this about a decade ago, it might still be quite a tall order, but now, there is indeed many solutions that can give you instant gourmet coffee and I am not talking about instant coffee or 3-in-1 coffee.

Here, we would look at how a Tassimo can give you that fresh coffee. If you carry on reading more of my articles, you would notice that I seem to have a huge preference on Tassimo and their T-disc technology. Reading on, you would understand why.

Currently, single serve coffee makers are the ones that you can relied on for a fresh cup of coffee. And their technology is amazing. For a great cuppa, you need freshly roast, freshly grind and of course brew at the right temperature to extract the maximum flavor.

Roasted coffee's flavor would go off after a week, grind coffee if not used within days would be stale and coffee that is not extracted at the 220 F for espresso and 195 F for drip coffee would taste either burn or sour. Single serve coffee, combines all these into the coffee pods and their special single serve machine.


All you need to do is to insert the coffee pods, press a button and you can smell the aroma and enjoy the great coffee. Tassimo goes one step further. All single serve coffee makers have variety of coffee flavors to cater to consumers' fussy taste.

Tassimo, goes one step further and brews each cup of coffee differently. You would get your lattes with the right amount of milk, espresso that is according to the strength you like and cappuccino complete with froth.

This is possible with the T-disc technology. Tassimo reads the code on the T-disc when it is inserted into the machine and brews the beverage according to what the code instruct them to.

There you have it, a machine that can brew you a fresh coffee and all you need to do is simply choosing a T-disc you like, and pressing a button on the Tassimo...

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