Flavia Fusion Is So Easy To Use...

Flavia Fusion deluxe drink station is one popular products of Flavia Coffee Company or Mars Incorporation.

Mars incorporated is a very popular company for producing candy and confectionary products. They become the leading manufacturer or producer of snack foods, main meal foods, pet care products, soft vending machines, and electronic automated payment systems.

Despite the company’s wealth and size, it still remained as a family-owned business. It has fostered an allegedly democratic corporate culture since its beginning in year 1960s.

Mars Incorporation was guided by its five principal philosophies. These five principals include: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom. These five really help the company for being successful.

If you want to enjoy drinking hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, or lattes, then having a Flavia Fusion of your own is recommended.


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This machine is the most chic, stylish, and the easiest machine to operate that you’ll ever find.

The most interesting thing about Flavia is that it uses filter packs to brew coffee. The brewing process is indeed happens inside the said filter packs.

With this, the need for cleaning the machine or mixing of coffee or tea for a taste is impossible anymore.

The filter packs of Flavia Fusion slide down into its place as you slide open and close the machine. The filter packs are easy to insert, and when the brewing process expands and is filled with water or air, it will then pop open from the bottom.

Flavia will then pass hot water all the way through the filter packs, and will produce hot air to dry them and to remove also the watery mess that you might expect.

Basically, the Flavia filter packs are known for its pure freshness. They were sealed perfectly to remain the freshness and aroma of the coffee.

When compared to any other single serve coffee machines, Flavia brews the coffee from “pack to cup” that’s why freshness and purity of coffee are being attained.

The control is divided into three areas: the other drinks, coffee drinks, and two pack drinks.

Flavia Fusion coffee maker is one great way of producing great tasting and different hot drinks. Having this in your kitchen is the thing for you to consider when looking for a perfect drink.

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