Why flavia coffee is better than most coffee in Singapore?

To first understand why flavia coffee is better than most coffee in Singapore, you need to know more about this brewer.

This machine belongs to the genre of brewers known as single cup coffee brewers. All you need to do is to insert the filterpack into the machine, press a button then enjoyed your drink.

The tough part about all these is the choosing. Flavia has close to 50 types of beverages to choose from, and even within the coffee category, the choices are numerous.

After the beverage option has been completed the suitable drink foil pack is inserted into the Flavia coffee machine, a cup is sited underside and a button is pressed.


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After that, hot water is strained into the foil pack to release the complete flavor of the drink into your favorite coffee mug.

In Singapore, Flavia coffee machines are popular compared to other coffee solutions available in that place.

Its toughest competitor would be the Singapore local coffee known as Kopi. This coffee is very tasty, but it is unhealthy since it usually roasted with butter and sugar.

Usually brewed without machines but using coffee socks as filters, the taste obviously depends on the person brewing it.

Aside from the Kopi, coffee of Singapore, there is your starbucks. The Starbucks in Singapore offers great gourmet coffee such as latte, espresso, cappuccino and a lot.

Drinking coffee at Starbucks is a great experience since you will to taste a good coffee.

However, these coffees are very expensive and can even cost you more than a hundred bucks if you tally your daily drinks for a year!

Of course, Singapore also have instant coffee. Other than the usual Nescafe and Maxwell house, they also have their own backyard brands such as Supercoffee and Aik Cheong.

This instant coffee is very easy to prepare as long as you have hot water. Just tear the instant coffee and pour it over into the mug with hot water.

However, the taste of instant coffee is definitely not that good.

In the end, when dealing with the different types of coffee solutions in Singapore, flavia coffee stands up because it is tasty, it is economical and it is easy to use.


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