Get flavia coffee maker for these 3 reasons!

Flavia coffee maker or what most people known as flavia fusion for the record is not ONLY a single serve coffee maker, it is more than that! Instead of using pods, k-cups or T-disc, it uses Flavia filterpacks.

And this filterpacks is the first reason why you should get a flavia coffee maker! While, coffee pods gives you consistency of taste, flavia filterpacks technology brews the coffee directly from the pack to the cup.


What is so great about this is the untainted taste. Your coffee would not taste like the green tea that you wife had just brewed. Every drink is fresh and "pure".

The next reason which is one of my "must have" is the hassle free. Personally, I feel that coffee maker must not have wastage and must be easy to clean up. What coffee experience would you be having when you dread finishing your coffee because of all the cleaning up?

The filterpacks similar to single serve coffee makers, reduces the cleaning to the simplest and it also brews one serve only, reducing wastage.

Some folks have "complained" that I always says using this and that coffee maker is easy. They feedback that to me it might be easy, but not to them. So, now I would show you how easy it is to use the flavia fusion:

First, you placed the cup on the stand, then adjust the brew head by pressing the button on the left of the brew head. Open the brew head door by turning the top ring anti-clockwise, then insert the filterpack and click it in place.

Close the door and tailor your drink by selecting the circles, small for very strong and largest circle for regular. Less than 2 paragraphs for using flavia coffee maker should not make it too difficult right?

Let's move on to the third reasons, it is a tie between the "look and feel" and variety. Although some critics has slammed Flavia coffee maker for looking like senseo, I think it is vastly different. It has its own sleek lines and is attractive in its own ways.

Of course, when you know that this attractive looking flavia can brew lattes, mocha, tea infusions, iced tea, in fact 30 over different types of drinks with a single button push, you would realized the great different between this and a senseo.

Sure, some folks might see this as another single serve coffee, but it is more than taht as it brings convenience to another level (you do not even have to worry about the left behind grounds. And to me, the filterpacks brews fresher coffee than coffee pods...

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