Espresso Make It Tastier?

Some people says that espresso make their day complete. These are of course folks that loves to drink espresso, so it is true that this coffee is really better?

So what exactly espresso coffee is? Espresso or café espresso is an intense coffee beverage brewed by forcing the hot water under pressure all the way through finely ground coffee.

This is a kind of coffee that is being served in a café and is really a strong cup of coffee. This can be made by using an espresso machine.

The pressurized brewing method makes the flavor and chemicals involved in an espresso to be very concentrated.

In addition, the process produces syrupy drinks because it can extract and emulsify the oils that are present in ground coffees.


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On the other hand, espresso has differed taste due to some factors. These factors are as follows: water temperature, the pressure, how tight the packing of coffee grinds in the machine, and how fine the espresso ground is.

People feel that espresso is more delicious than other beverage because of its characteristics. Those who tasted espresso make them switch their beverage on it.

When compared to other methods of brewing coffee, it seems that espresso has a higher concentration of dissolved solids, has thicker consistency, and crema/foam.

Espresso make other coffee beverages like cappuccino, mochas, lathes, macchiato, and americanos to become tastier, thus, it is important to have a good espresso.

Moreover, espresso has a higher content of caffeine than most beverages.

Basing in normal serving sizes, two ounce of espresso has the same caffeine content of 6 ounce of drip brewed coffee. Another good thing is that espresso has a higher brewing strength because it has less water.

Like other coffee types, espresso has some pros and cons. The pros and cons are as follows:

Espresso pros
• It is more intense due to less water content.
• It has lesser calories.
• Supposedly can make you more alert due to its high content of caffeine.

Espresso cons:
• More expensive than other coffee beverages.
• It is more difficult to prepare.
• It needs many variables to make good ones.

Espresso coffee tastes good because of its rich and concentrated flavor. Other people think that espresso is an expensive hobby, and would cost a lot of money.

As a matter of fact, you can make a good espresso just by buying espresso machines that is right in featues, not necessarily you need to get an expensive one. and by following the brewing process well.

If you want to have a drink that has a rich and extremely concentrated flavor then espresso coffee is good for you. Also, espresso make your day complete and helps you boost your energy. So, what are you waiting for keep your day complete by drinking espresso coffee.


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