Espresso kiosks might be a way to work for your passion?


Espresso kiosks are usually started from an idea like "isn't it good to make coffee everyday and earn money from it". Making money from what you enjoyed doing most -creating the prefect coffee experience. Sure, you probably are able to differentiate the different category of coffee and use an espresso machine with ease, but it is enough to start a coffee shop?

So, the question is: given the expertise that you have with coffee making, it is enough to start a kiosk? Is passion enough to overcome anything?

Perhaps it is enough, just look at examples like Starucks, Seattle Best. However, it would still be good to think through what I am highlighting prior to jumping into the business.

Do you have the passion?

In all honesty, if you are reading this and thinking of starting a coffee shop, you would definitely pass the first test -passion. To me, regardless if it is espresso coffee shop or restaurants, you would need a high level of passion.

This is to enable you to push on when things becomes tough and is also the catalyst for the determination to overcome all odds. And, trust me, as long as you are in a business, there are always obstacles and it grows with your business!

Do you have the location?

Have you ever consider where the espresso kiosks is going to be located? Or, you were thinking that the good brew of coffee that you make would attract customers to your shop (like bee to honey).

I am not refuting the fact that you do need great coffee to attract and retain customers to your coffee shop. However, if it is located at a good location, this would make the job so much easier.

If you just take a look at the major chain that is highlighted below, none of them are hidden, all of them took up prominent spot, street corner, shopping mall 1st level, airport transit area etc.

coffee-shop-columbus espresso-kiosks-segafredo

Do you have the "know how"?

Sure, you make the greatest coffee, but do you know how to set up espresso kiosks to have operational ease or maximize the capacity of your store. Or, what about local certification and regulation to enable the outlet for F&B operation.

And, that is on managing the store alone. What about manpower operation, schedules and wages? Do you know how to manage them?

True, everything can be outsourced. Maybe, just get a manager and put everything in place. Heck, just get a franchise and solve all the problem.

Do you have the dough?

If you do not have the know how, you need more dough, more money. Even if you have the right partnership, you still need hefty amount of money to start any espresso kiosks.

Mainly it is due to the rental, mostly is due to the renovations and initial outlay to make the shop operational and attract the customers.

A dowdy looking shop and a newcomer can hardly attract any customers, regardless how cheap or good is the coffee! Do note that people visit espresso kiosks for coffee experience, it is an overall package...

Do you have "the other" things?

It is still not so bad, if espresso kiosks can be summed up with the few pointers above. Unfortunately, it is not so.

You still need a group of suppliers, ready group of manpower, recipes, promotion gimmicks etc to just be operational. Till here, we are not even talking about the espresso kiosks positioning or growth plan, we are talking about just being in business.

There you have it, some thoughts on how "easy" it is to make your passion of coffee making into a livelihood of running espresso kiosks...

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