Is Dual coffee maker good?

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Dual coffee maker to me is good if you are serving many people and would be doing 2 different drinks every time. You see, with 2 carafes working independent of each other, you can brew different types of coffee or even coffee and tea at the same time.

Of course, if you are using dual coffee maker in this manner, then the setting would be either a small office or a large family. For the typical family or a medium size family, this dual function would produce too much wastage.

If we are talking about dual carafe coffee maker, which is a better one? The more popular one would definitely be the krups "duothek plus", but however, it is no longer in production and is replaced by the "duothek stainless steel therm", which is actually good news for us!

For those that have read a few of my articles on drip coffee maker, you would know that I am biased towards those models with thermal carafe. For a good reason, because any of us that has used the usual "hot plate" would know what bitter coffee is like. Coffee cannot take continuous heat for more than 10 minutes, the brew would be spoilt.


And it is this reason that thermal is so important to keeping and containing the freshness of the coffee. So when krups "duothek plus" is upgraded to duothek stainless steel therm", the carafe that was upgraded to thermal is a big plus.

Sure, many would complained that the price went up by at least 40%., but for the 4 hours of fresh coffee that the krups promised with its thermal carafes, I think it is well worth the money. The fresh coffee and no throwing away of burnt coffee would meant savings in your coffee purchase, so that 40% would be "recoup" in no time!

For those that purchase dual coffee maker, the reason is simple, you are either serving a large crowd or wants to brew different beverages with just one coffee maker, and of course, krups "duothek stainless steel therm" would assist in that area.

Their independent brewing systems allows you to brew each carafes independently or simultaneously. Another feature which I think is pretty good, is the cup control, this allows you to get optimal flavor if you are brewing smaller quantities.

So, dual carafe coffee maker is good but only if you are serving a large crowd, it is definitely not for those that are enjoying their cuppa by themselves -a single serve coffee maker would be better in that instance!


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