This is it – if discount coffee makers are what you are looking for

The term discount coffee makers can conjure up images of substandard coffee makers that ultimately become a hazard to their operators.

Discount coffee brewers need not be such and can often be termed as so in comparison to other types of coffee makers.

A drip filter Delonghi coffee maker compared in price to a Nespresso pod system is cheaper, but that does not mean inferior in quality!

Most automatic coffee makers or the single serve or espresso machine type will be higher in price that the drip filter coffee machines.

It is on this premise that one could also refer to these drip filter coffee machines as being discount coffee machines.


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The drip filter coffee makers are usually standard glass carafe coffee makers. This means that the receptacle into which the brew pours after leaving the filter basket assembly is a glass carafe.

A new design addition to these discount coffee makers is the thermal carafe coffee maker. Here the designers have substituted the glass carafe with a thermal carafe usually made of stainless steel with a double walled construction.

These carafes are able to keep freshly percolated coffee hot for a lot longer than if the coffee were sitting in a glass carafe.

The thermal carafe also deals with the issue of coffee “burning” from sitting for too long on a warming plate. That is always an incredible waste of good coffee.

The secret to making good coffee with one of the many discount coffee makers on the market is to ensure that the carafe – or thermal carafe – as well as the filter basket assembly are always scrupulously clean.

If these components are not perfectly clean, the residual oils from precious brews could spoil an entire brew.

There is no reason why the entire filter basket assembly cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. One would rather want to replace the permanent filter after a few years that have a tainted filter that could influence the quality of your brew.

When choosing “discount coffee makers” it might be well worth ones while to examine those coffee makers from reputable manufacturers so as to ensure that some good service is obtained from the coffee maker in the time to come.

In time, the coffee lover “gets to know” his or her machine and is able to brew successive pots of excellent coffee. There is no reason why “discount coffee makers” cannot do the job.


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