Finding discount bunn coffee maker?

Looking for discount bunn coffee maker is the norm under current economic situation. With rising cost and stagnant pay, I guess everyone would be doing so.

Sure, there are tools and sites that offers comparisons and provides you with the best price. However, the price difference is within 10-20% range. So, how can one save even more?

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Do note that while we are talking about discount bunn coffee maker , what we are discussing can be used on any brands and make of coffee maker. For our discussion purpose, we would use the Bunn BX-B home coffee maker.

The Bunn BX-B coffee maker has a retail price of between $114.99 to $149.99 depending on the sites that you visit and the package that you are getting. So, assuming that you are looking for a discount bunn coffee maker, you would go to the site that offers it at $114.99.


After finding the lowest retail price, the other thing that you can save would be shipping cost. This would usually set you back by between $15-30, depending on the area that you reside. Most sites usually shipped when you purchase more than $99.99, so purchasing the Bunn BX-B means you are in this category.

So, you can take in this savings as part of the discount the bunn coffee maker has. Now, between the varying retail price and the shipping costs, you have saved about $60.00. $30 from the shopping and identifying the best price and $30 from locating sites that offers free shipping.

If you still find the pricing too high, there is still a way to get further discount for your bunn coffee maker. And the discount can press down the pricing from the $114.99 to a low $69.99. However, there are some small sacrifices that you have to bear.

For $69.99, you can get a refurbished Bunn BX-B coffee maker. Other than being lightly used and some comestic blemishes, it has the complete features that a new Bunn BX-B has. Even right down to the 3 year warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

So, if you are looking a steep discount bunn coffee maker, refurbished is the word that you want to take note. In fact, with high turn over for coffee makers, refurbished might be something for you to get cheap yet good coffee makers.

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