One of Cusinart coffee maker best brewer

Cuisinart has a wide range of coffee machines which are able to cater for all needs of even the most particular coffee lovers. One of the more popular models in the range of Cusinart coffee maker is the Cuisinart DCC 450BK.

This relatively small Cuisinart coffee maker takes the task of brewing coffee seriously. It is too small to be used as a commercial coffee maker; it will at most make four cups of coffee.

Obviously the Cusinart coffee maker will make coffee better than the French press quality. The great thing about the DCC 450BK is its price. It retails for les than thirty dollars at most of the large stores.

It has a neat stainless steel carafe. The great thing about this carafe is the non drip spout. There is nothing more irritating than the spout of a jug that allows the liquid within to run down the side whilst one is trying to pour.


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As you pour the milk or coffee a small puddle begins to form below the lowest point of the jug. This is particularly irritating. Luckily this Cusinart coffee maker will save you this embarrassing situation.

The handle is comfortable to grip – the modern word being “ergonomic.” Basically ergonomic means the handle has been designed is such a way that your grip is firm and solid and you do not feel that the carafe is beginning to slip forward and you have to compensate but adjusting your writs downward until it goes not further.

Like most the Cuisinart coffee makers, this one has a brew pause function which allows you to dispense a cup of coffee before the brew process is complete.

The coffee machine will shut itself off after thirty minutes of standing idle. This means that you never have to turn around and go home check whether you switched your Cuisinart coffee maker off. The machine will switch itself off.

Not only is this a safety feature but also limits the unnecessary use of power which means you will save money. Obviously this Cuisinart coffee maker cannot be used as a commercial maker of coffee.

There are other Cuisinart coffee makers that have been specifically designed and built for this purpose. The DCC450BK Cuisinart coffee maker is specifically for use in one to four cup of coffee environment.

Some people are disappointed by the absence of a permanent filter. That might be so, but the paper filter means it is very easy to remove the wet grounds and rinse out the filter basket.

The cleanliness of the filter basket is important to ensure that the taste of the coffee brewed has not been tainted by a previous brew. This Cusinart coffee maker will help keep the taste of the coffee brewed pure.


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