Copper Coffee Pot is an Intriguing Way to Brew Coffee

A copper coffee pot is different from the electrical coffee makers that we see and use everyday. It is traditionally made by hand by experienced artisans, and is beautifully decorated.

This copper coffee pot is also known as a Turkish coffee pot, but should be properly called an ibrik, or in other parts of the world, a cezve.

Why is it made out of copper? Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. We see copper in electrical wires and household appliances, even in expensive espresso makers.

Since heat distribution is a crucial element in making a good cup of coffee, copper is one of the best materials to make a coffee maker out of. To prevent burning your hand while making coffee, it has an insulated handle, which is usually made out of wood.


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How is Turkish coffee served? Turkish coffee is very strong, and is served in very small quantities. Turkish cups are quite small, about as small as espresso cups, and are consumed in a couple of sips. With that, don’t expect to make large quantities of coffee with this copper coffee maker as it is quite strong. Don’t expect to use coffee filters, either.

To make Turkish coffee, you will need finely ground beans. The grinds must be finer than the grinds you would use to make espresso. Traditionally, the beans are pounded in a mortar, which results in very fine beans.

However, you can also use a coffee grinder, which can grind beans very finely. You will also need water (that is definitely). You will also need a heat source.


For this, a stove will do. Low heat is recommended, to allow the water to extract the most out of the grinds before it comes to a boil.

When the coffee comes close to a boil, remove it from the heat. Keep it off the heat for a short time, and then bring it to a boil two more times. Getting the most amount of foam is important, as it contains the best flavor. The coffee is then poured into small cups. A lot of practice and experimentation is required to make a great cup of Turkish coffee.

When washing the copper coffee pot, do not use detergent. Don’t put it inside the dishwasher, either. Just rinse it in running water, and then dry it with a cloth. As it ages, it gains its own character, and makes better tasting coffee.

Brewing Turkish coffee dates back to the 16th century, and is the oldest method of brewing coffee. It also makes use of one of the most attractive, simplest, yet most effective tools in making a strong and delicious cup of coffee, the copper coffee pot.


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