No consumers review coffee makers in this manner

When consumers review coffee makers, they invariably will examine a number of standard features which will help make up a set of ratings consumers can then use to judge the individual coffee makers.

Of the many attributes that can be covered when consumers review coffee makers, size, price, design and coffee making ability will generally cover the core components of what is required for a consumer comparison of different coffee makers to take place.

Consumer reviews are often used to establish scales according to which consumer rated assessments will be published for specific coffee makers.

The most common element consumers compare is price and user friendliness. The coffee makers ability to make coffee is taken as a given.


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However, it is at this point that a very important item is overlooked when consumers review coffee makers.

The making of coffee by a drip filter coffee maker revolves around the cascading of hot water over the coffee grounds that are in the filter basket.

As the hot water is introduced from the spray head located above the filter basket, the percolation process can begin and the coffee collects in the carafe located beneath the filter basket group.

If the cascade is small, only the middle portion of the coffee grounds becomes wet and there is wastage of coffee grounds. If the cascade is large, the chances of an overflow and a resultant mess are high and again money will be wasted.

The coffee maker manufacturers have settled on either five or nine holes in the spray head. This is never mentioned when consumer’s review coffee makers.

It does not seem important and is never mentioned when consumer compare coffee makers from different manufacturers.

Nevertheless, this very important point is left out of all reviews I have so far seen.

It is mentioned in some technical articles on various coffee makers as a part of the specifications but never as a positive feature of the coffee maker.

Of course it often is a very subjective debate when attempting to define which coffee maker is best suited for a particular environment.

In any case, it also raises the question which consumer best knows what the defining qualities of a good coffee maker are.

Ultimately the question needs to be asked whether or not when consumers review coffee makers they should consider some technical aspects of the coffee maker such as the number of holes in the spray head.

It definitely influences the quality of the coffee being made and should deserve a mention of sorts when consumers review coffee makers.


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