Those consumer reports coffee makers are in -it is useful?

Consumer reports coffee makers are in, is a way for stores, to "sell" their machines. The advent of online shopping means that the consumer has a large variety of products and enormous amounts of information about each of these products available to help them make their choice.

This does not mean that making a choice has become easier. Take purchasing a coffee maker has an example. There are a wide range of consumer reports coffee makers is in, that are available.

Each of these reports has a wide range of criteria by which they will challenge the coffee makers on the market. It does not make making a choice any easier.

The companies that offer these consumer reports are well known in the market place, especially for consumer reports on for example the electronic media. How reliable can their consumer reports on small appliances such as coffee makers really be?


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The structure of all consumer reports share some similarities. If we look at consumer reports coffee makers is in, there are a whole list of coffee makers ratings.

The consumer report is trying to show the consumer which are the top rated coffee makers. How is this information obtained? Usually, consumers are given two or three machines and told to compare coffee makers in their day to day use (insights study).

The agencies who compile these consumer reports will give some form of training to those involved in the survey. Some discussion will have to take place to decide on attributes which will define the best rated coffee maker.

After a sufficiently long test period the results of the survey are collated. The collation of this information will then allow the agency to determine which the best rated coffee maker is.


Each of the online stores who wish to sell these coffee makers will make the consumer reports available to all potential clients. The ratings themselves are often summarized into a five point gold star scale.

Is it really fair to reduce what an appliance can do to a small number of gold stars? Many people make important decisions based on these consumer reports.

In no way should the value of consumer reports based on solid data be underestimated. Every possible step should be taken to prevent the consumer from making a poor purchasing decision.

The other side of the coin has to be the question whether each appliance is fairly and accurately assessed. Consumer reports on coffee makers can either make or break a brand.

As long as the manufacturers received excellent ratings no one will want to reconsider the value and structure of consumer reports.

PS: You would note that currently, some major sites allow all consumers and surfers to rate and review coffee machines, that in my opinion makes this consumer reports coffee makers is in element, not accurate and it is also exposed to abuse and very easy to be spam.


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