Why cold brew coffee system is better

The cold brew coffee system is better primarily for two reasons; the cold brew coffee will produce a coffee concentrate that has significantly reduced acidity and it uses lesser resources (it does not use any power and the concentrate will last for up to fourteen days in a refrigerator which is good for your wallet).

Cold brew coffee concentrate can be used as a foundation for so many of ones favourite coffee based beverages. Let these be no misunderstanding; this is not the same as using cold drip coffee from a drip coffee maker or cold press coffee from a French press to make a beverage.

This is a concentrate that has been made with a cold brew coffee system specifically designed for this purpose. This is not just a plain old cold coffee brew.


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There are three primary coffee machine manufacturers that have cold brew coffee systems on the market. The Toddy coffee maker is most probably the most well known of the three.

Hourglass coffee maker markets a cold brew coffee system at the top end of the price range although there does not appear to be a significant difference in the quality of end product from the other two manufacturers.

At the lower end of the price range is the Ronco Coffee Time cold brew coffee maker. It basically does as good a job as the other two appliances that are available in the market place. So whether you decide to go for the Toddy maker or the stylish Hourglass coffee maker or the Ronco Coffeetime cold coffee brew system, that is ultimately a decision based on means and on preference.

All of the cold brew coffee makers will make a cold brew coffee concentrate that is low in acidity and high in flavour.

It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a coffee based beverage made with, e.g. a Delonghi coffee machine and a Toddy coffee maker. Both will have the flavour and robust aroma of a good coffee.

Perhaps the coffee lover with a finely tuned palate will distinguish the lower acid level of the cold brew coffee beverage. The difference will be noticeable after numerous cups of coffee.

The great thing about the concentrate is that a variety of different coffee based beverages can be made form the same batch of concentrate.

There is no time and energy wasted in using different machines or cleaning a machine in between brews. The cold coffee concentrate can be used immediately with ease.


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