Ronco cold brew coffee maker, it is good?

More attention is being focussed on the cold brew coffee makers, as the cold brew coffee making process rapidly gains in popularity and acceptance.

As far as coffee machines go, a cold brew coffee system is a far cry in terms of mechanical sophistication from a coffee espresso machine or any of the other single serve espresso coffee machines.

The cold brew coffee maker is a simple device which is designed to allow the coffee ground and water mixture to stand for a few hours and then allow for the decanting of the coffee extract that has been produced.

It has no moving parts and does not require power to work. There are three manufacturers at the moment who dominate the cold brew coffee maker market; they are Ronco, Toddy and Hourglass.


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Many believe that the Toddy coffee maker is the one to recommend. The Ronco Coffeetime cold brew coffee maker is the cheapest one on the market. Some retailers are willing to sell one of these units for less than twenty dollars.

That is a price that will be hard to beat for any type of coffee maker. Why speaking about a coffee maker, one often automatically assumes that one is referring to the traditional coffee espresso coffee maker such as the Delonghi coffee makers. The cold brew coffee does not use any heat whatsoever to create coffee. In fact the absence of heat in the coffee making process means that the coffee has a far lower acid content which in turn means there is far less acid to influence the taste and enjoyment of the coffee.

Does one need a very expensive appliance to allow for the cold brew coffee making process to happen? Not at all.

In fact the cold brew coffee making process requires a receptacle into which the water and coffee grounds are added and allowed to stand.

The mixture of coffee grounds and cold water stands for some time giving the natural processes time to occur. There after the coffee extract is decanted and stored in a refrigerator. You do not necessarily need expensive equipment to be able to make a cold brew coffee extract.

The Ronco Coffeetime cold brew coffeemaker will do the job as well as any other one of the more expensive cold brew coffee systems currently available in the market place. All you really need is water, coffee and time.


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